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While the Secret to Success is support, it doesn't hurt to get some sage advice from some women who have built their own media empires! We have some power houses in the blogging/social media world set to speak-trust us-you are going to be so excited to meet these ladies and hear their stories from mommy blogger to power player.

Key Speakers

Laurie Turk of Tip Junkie: Owner of Tip Junkie and Executive Homemaker this mother to three boys knows how to stay busy! Laurie is also a partner in Chic Chic Media as well as a contributor of Blissfully Domestic-Creative Bliss Channel. She is a strong believer in embelishing life with fun activities for her kiddos, home decor projects, and unique gift ideas. Laurie loves to promote Mom-preneurs and women in business.

Alli Worthington of Mrs Fussypants: This southern belle and mother to five boys love to take on new challenges. Alli is the publisher of Blissfully Domestic Women's magazine as well as the co-host of the annual Blissdom conference. Alli is the one woman show behind Worthington Wire and is currently working on the Digital Mom Guide. Alli works hard to celebrate all the aspects of womanhood and has become an expert at partnering with brands.

Jen Hinton is a lifecasterwho enjoys sharing videos on her introspective blog, Keep It Classy. Jen also created The Classy closet a community for "chicks who connect" to mingle, share, and build together. She is also a southern belle that is an editor for Southern Beauty Magazine Blog as part of their Beauty Bunch. Jen always uses her snarky wit on her daily talk radio show Chicks Who Chat where her one year old son, Boston, usually makes an appearance. If that is not enough sarcasm, you can catch her weekly at for the online tv show Chicks Keep Chatting.

Sugar Jones fancies herself as a pragmatic dreamer...and a bit of a drama queen. She is married to a piolet who is teaching her to fly, and mom to four kids from Kindergarten to College, who are always teaching her more about herself. This summer, Sugar will be hitting the road (since the Travel Channel won't give her a show) meeting new people and having adventures, vlogging all the way. You can find her blog, SugarJones.TV and on her daily Blog Talk Radio show

Less than one year ago, Renee J. Ross launched her personal blog Cutie Booty Cakes as a way to promote her new diaper cake business. Before she had even shipped a cake, she was bitten by the blogging bug and had found a new passion. A self-confessed social media junkie, Renee leverages the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness of important social and health-related causes. She is a contributing editor for BlogHer, speaker for BlogHer '09, Mind of Moms Summit, Type-A Mom and Blogolicious. She was recently named one of the Top 50 Power Moms in Digital Media by Nielsen, is a Walmart 11mom, and has worked with many companies including EA SPORTS, Hershey's and Disney.

Jessica Gottlieb maintains her own blog at and she understands the power of collaboration. She contributes at LA Moms Blog, National Lampoon, Green Options and has a super secret deal just waiting to be inked. She uses a hybrid of blogging and social media application to build an join communities. She's enjoyed speaking at Consumer Reports, Girls in Tech and Jeff Pulver's 140 conference. Jessica loves the disruptive nature of the internet so much she's building a network of women at

Panel of SITStas

The 3 Bay B Chicks Amazing friendships are forged on the internet. However, the Three Bay B Chicks started out as friends long before they became bloggers. Kacey and Francesca met at an early age while serving time in Brownie Troop 301. To this day, they believe the Girl Scout Cookie is a powerful and sacred food, worthy of a meal unto itself at any time of day. They entered their lives many years later at a time when the three still thought the night started (rather than ended) at 9:00 pm and poop was an unheard of topic of conversation. You could think of us as the Three Musketeers, only we're not. We're really just three moms who believe that their days are a bit brighter when the children nap and that laughing with your friends over a bottle of red wine can cure anything that ails you.

Lula potty-trained at 20 months and her first dance recital was 1978. She received her first kiss on the playground in 1980, and in junior high was the featured dancer for the spring show two years in a row? That's "Featured Dancer" not spotlight soloist--it wasn't Soul Train. Currently, Leigh Anne is the wife of one, mother of two, and the scratcher of 57, having had her torso, arms, legs, and now fingers, covered in hives on and off for the past three weeks. When not sitting at her laptop, dressed in her Mama's Family-style nightgown, she can be found using her Pet Hair Magnet and the Swiffer in vain attempts at ridding her home of the cat's piles of hair that he's shedding like it's his job.

Angie is a word loving, book devouring, organizationally devout, sunshine requiring, designer jean obsessed mama to five. With red hair and twins. Her lifelong dream to be a wildly famous author and internationally renounced expert on perfect parenting. Currently she's taking baby steps.

Kathy is a sarcastic mother of three with a busy home daycare that clashes with her desire to do nothing all day. She uses her blog, Mama's Losin' It as a vehicle to help unite all people and enhance world peace...and by "unite all people" she means "smoke crack" and by enhance world peace" she means "talk about how wonderful she is". Her Hawaiian husband plays the ukele for her every night before she goes to sleep and describes her as "whiny" when really what he means is "beautiful". She enjoys drinking alcoholic beverages, dancing, and bossing children around...preferably simultaneously.

Tiffany and Heather of SITS took their love for comments and created a one-of-a-kind blogging community. Tiffany runs a successful business in children's recreation while raising a son and vying for supreme power against her husband and business partner. While Merlot is her best friend, she is currently trying to convince Stephanie Meyer that the BFF spot really belongs to her. Heather is the proprieter of 4 girls, including twins. She strives to shower regularly and hopes to one day drive a convertabile instead of a minivan. She believes in the power of black nail polish, Captain James T Kirk and Hello Kitty.

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